Super Mario Run Game Review. Good old Mario Game with an updated design?

Super Mario Run Game Review. Good old Mario Game with an updated design?

The latest version of Super Mario Run has recently been released. This time, it appears for Android and IoS powered mobile devices. But is it really a new game or good old Mario with an updated design? In this article we will try to answer this question by looking at its characteristics, game design and other features in more detail.

The new Super Mario Run game recently released for iOS and Android is the ultimate source of fun where players are involved in collecting coins and getting high scores. Compared to the original Super Mario series, this masterpiece offers a stunning game design with some interesting additional features.

The game changes its speed constantly. You may be tasked with escaping Bullet Bills or going through a trap-lined castle. And after all that, there will be one-screen puzzle-solving tasks where you get time to relax and calm down.

Do the Coin Hunt

Coin Hunt is often considered one of the most exciting activities in Super Mario Run. The quest for hidden coins is one of the most addicting elements. Each stage of the game will be represented by five pink bonus coins that you have to find and collect. But the task is not as easy as it seems at first. You first need to figure out the specific tricks that will be used to collect them. And once you’ve put all the hard work into one run, there will be another set of purple coins that will be harder to collect. The cycle will continue with different colored coins. All this makes Super Mario Run a very challenging and addictive game that keeps players engaged. There’s a chance to reverse your progress at a certain stage of the game if you’re going to miss a coin or two. But it comes as the price of time and the high score you might have earned otherwise.

Player vs. Player

Apart from the main campaign, Super Mario Run also has a player versus player mode. At this stage of the game, the player must perform several special style moves in rapid succession. This part of the game is considered unimpressive is the main one but still offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to make the exciting moves needed to compete against other players in a game. The winner of this competition will be given the opportunity to play in the fully customizable Mushroom Kingdom.
What is a Kingdom Builder?

The Mushroom Kingdom can be created with the help of Kingdom Builder. This is a nice and relaxing feature that nicely complements the Coin Hung and Player versus Player Modes. With the help of Kingdom Builder, you will be able to spend the coins collected in previous game modes to create your own personal Mushroom Kingdom, building a new Frog House every now and then. Despite the fact that it only offers a few minor changes to the default level design, it’s still an addicting game as getting the chance to use Kingdom Builder allows you to unlock some special characters which can be used during other campaigns.


Super Mario Run is an ideal game to play that will guide you through the challenging paths of the Mushroom Kingdom. The level design is just a fantastic stage you will definitely be willing to pay for over and over again.

But even though it’s released on Android and iOS, it doesn’t feel as fresh as the new Mario game. There’s nothing you can fight. Boss fights feature enemies we’ve seen in previous Super Mario games in the past. Therefore, this game play doesn’t look fresh like other popular Android games like Rayman Jungle Run. But for most users, a great game design will undoubtedly play a more important role then the overall game.

Where can I get this game?

Are you interested in playing the new Super Mario Run? If the answer is YesBusiness Management Articles, you can download Super Mario Run for free for supported android or iOS mobile devices. Want to buy other Super Mario games like Super Mario Bros for your Nintendo platform? Then buy a Nintendo e-Shop gift card from one of the selected gift card shops.