Dream job: who is a game designer and what he does?

A lot of times we see gamers thinking about trying themselves in the gaming industry. Have ever wanted to participate in the creation of an interesting game? If the answer is yes, the profession of a game designer is probably what you are looking for.

The modern gaming industry offers us projects for every taste: from fun platformers to spectacular fighting games. A lot of people, starting the next level of their favorite game, are also wondering how game designer came up with such an incredible idea. But there are also players who immediately start arguing about the strength of an enemy or level design. At the same time, they play various scenarios in their head, wanting to improve the gameplay. If it describes you, congratulations you are on the right path! An exciting world of games is waiting for you.

Game designer is probably the key position in the gaming industry. If you would draw a parallel with the cinema, the closest analog would be the position of a film director. Being the producer of the game story, the designer puts his soul into the nascent project. He has to walk his “baby” through all of the production stages, starting with the creation of an idea, ending with the official release and the subsequent support of the project. And don’t forget, that game designer is also a so-called link between all departments that have anything to do with the project development.

In addition to the technical part of the game creation process, a person working as a game designer has to understand the psychology of a player: what kind of emotions does the user have. In fact, a game designer must anticipate the expectations of the gaming audience and predict what exactly users want to see in the new game. Moreover, most development companies see the gaming industry is a serious business that should bring money.  Therefore it’s very important to be aware of all the latest trends and tastes of a modern gamer.

As you can see the gaming industry, as well as the profession of a game designer, is very diverse. If you are a beginner it is normal to feel confused with the amount of information and nuances, you need to be aware of in order to become a professional. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our articles designed to help you dive into the world of game design starting from the very basics. Here you will learn about the history of game design and get acquainted with people, who have made this industry the way it is. We talk about specifics of the game design profession and the main skills you will have to master. In addition, you’ll be provided with useful sources and game design communities, where you can seek additional help on your way to becoming a wonderful game author.

Of course, the profession of a game designer is not perfect, however as everything in our world. Sooner or later you will come across deadlines or misunderstanding. But these nuances occur in any profession. Most importantly, that if you love games and ready for constant development, we highly encourage you to pursue the dream of becoming a game designer!

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Game designer – a dream job for game lovers